Wilson's Pistol
General Information
Occupation Firearm
Affiliation CIA

Wilson's Pistol (a.k.a. CIA's Gun) was the trusty Heckler & Koch USP Compact that CIA Agent Bill Wilson carried.

CIA used the weapon to interrogate Amon and Ahyred Gunn aboard the Wreckage Brother during Operation 98H1. It was likely borrowed from a coworker, or in other words what is known in agency shorthand as a Hired Gun.

Also Known As Edit

  • Gun
  • Hired Gun

Theories Edit

  • One theory states the possibility of CIA being schizophrenic, thinking that his weapon was sentient and proceeding to speak to it.
  • A similar theory states that he feels he was betrayed by the gun, saying that it had "a lotta loyalty for a hired gun", referring to the hooded man being interrogated.
  • Yet another claims that CIA felt the gun didn't want to fire, and he yells at it for having "a lotta loyalty for Ahyred, Gun!"
  • CIA cocking the pistol twice has led to the belief that he used two different weapons, after losing the first one out the plane door.
  • The reason CIA fired his gun is unknown. Possibilities include shooting at Masketta Man and his car, defending against an unknown flying object, hunting for fowl, and accidental discharge. it is not known if the bullet fired by CIA resulted in any injury or death on the ground. Maimen tried to get his boss's attention afterwards because he was surprised at what was hit, or perhaps because he wanted to lecture CIA on proper gun safety.
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