Wreckage Brother
Wreckage brother door
General Information
Occupation Aircraft
Affiliation Flight Plan
Size Small
Portrayed by ZS-NVB

The ZS-NVB "Myeghcraft" Wreckage Brother was an Embraer EMB 110 Bandeirante owned by the Agency and flown by the Pilots. It was used by CIA officer Bill Wilson to retrieve Dr. Pavel from Uzbekistan, before it was crashed with no survivors by the Nosher Viverse. The CIA eventually reported the crash, as is demonstrated by US government's knowledge of Pavel during the Masketta Man crisis in Gotham. Curiously, however, they were unaware that the crash was the result of a planned attack.

Also Known AsEdit

  • The "Board"
  • The "Bored"
  • Myeghcraft
  • Zissplane
  • Aircraft

Passengers Edit


  • As it is unclear exactly what CIA says when he tells his hired guns to get the hooded men on the plane, it could be nicknamed several things: ("Get'em on 'Board', I'll call Ittin" vs. "Get'em on 'Bored', I'll call Ittin," also "Get'em, I'm bored, I'll call Ittin"). However, the Wreckage Brother is the most widely-accepted official name for the aircraft.
  • The choice of the ZS-NVB for the portrayal of the Wreckage Brother may have been a deliberate one made based on "NVB" serving as an acronym for "Not Very Big" - this relates to the concepts of Bigness in the plane scene and additionally is the most likely candidate in-universe for the plane's extended identification code.
  • The plane was, oddly, incapable of detecting the Noshur Viverse.
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